The best inventory software solves a lot of problems – and should open up opportunities too. Easy Inventory is full of features and surely will assist you at every step of your business. Below are the core features this solution offers for doing easy management of inventory, account, staff and day to day business transactions.

Perfect Billing/Invoicing System

Easy Inventory is a robust GST ready billing/invoicing solution, helps businesses to create professional invoices in just a few clicks. You can easily manage billing/invoicing records with and without tax. It keeps complete financial data for your business at one place.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

This is the number one, absolute basic requirement of an inventory management software system. Your software must show you exactly what you have, and where – and it needs to reflect in real-time any stock movements or allocations in your company.

Accounting Made Easy

With Easy Inventory there is no need to adopt any additional accounting software as it combines an integrated accounting package along with taxation. Though it do not offer in-depth accounting insights but for a business it is self sufficient.

Real-Time Inventory Value

While warehouse managers and operations care about what stock they have and where it is, the finance team needs to know how much it’s worth. A good inventory management system therefore needs to update – in real time - Accurate inventory values Accurate inventory values that account for variations in the price or volume of your purchases.

Reorder Points & Low Stock Alerts

There’s not much point knowing exactly what stock you have and where if that doesn’t prevent you running out. Your inventory management software therefore needs functionality around setting automatic alerts when important stock is running low – and the ability to quickly generate a purchase order off the back of that alert.

Proper Inventory Reporting

There’s no point getting fancy new inventory management software if you have to manually extract all your data each month. After all, the whole point of any software system is to reduce admin and make operating at scale more efficient. Look for baked-in reporting features that can deliver data like Easy Inventory provides.