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Easy Inventory

As its name expresses, Easy Inventory is a robust and easy to use inventory management software solution for small, medium and large scale businesses. It is an integrated solution which combines many required features like stock, sales, purchase, billing, accounting, payroll and customer relationship apart from basic features to manage your day to day business transactions.

  • Full suite inventory management,
  • Super flexible at billing and different other transactions,
  • Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level,
  • Strong Reporting system with all the details on finger tips,
  • Reporting in various formats like Word, Excel and Pdf etc.,
  • Complete Financial Accounting and Inventory Management
  • No need of special training program, any one can learn within few interactions, and much more…


  • Full control on stock movement,
  • Easy tracking of finanacial flow in business,
  • Very robust and well tested system,
  • Most secure and widely accepted,
  • Very fast and with easy reporting on finger tips,
  • Anyone can be master in few intereactions.

Why Us

With Easy Inventory you do not need to use different softwares to manage single business, you can manage under one suite i.e. Easy Inventory. It offers you a very easy way of managing different business locations, users and stocks from a single point. Even it is open for customizations as per your emerging business needs.

Stock Updates

Using our this easiest software solution, you can know in no time as what is where and in which quantity and price for fast customer service.

Order Fulfillment

Instant information system of Easy Inventory enables you in dealing with quick order fulfillment and wins you wow effect from your customers.

Rich Reporting

One of the most advantageous tools of an inventory management system is the reporting of various business activities.

Demand And Supply

Business owners manage the inventory well with the help of Easy Inventory. Managers balance the demand and supply of the company products efficiently.

Who is it for?

  • 01 For Retailers - increases efficiency

    Inventory management is vital for retailers because the practice helps them increase profits. They are more likely to have enough inventory to capture every possible sale while avoiding overstock and minimizing expenses. From a strategic point of view, retail inventory management increases efficiency.

  • Wholesale inventory management is a key function for any business that buys and sells goods on a regular basis. In order for every other supply chain function to run smoothly including order processing, warehouse management, fulfillment, shipping, and last-mile delivery. Wholesale inventory must be well-regulated, in-stock, and properly tracked. If there are issues with inventory counts, lost or damaged inventory, or timing, it can lead to issues like overstocking and shortages that grind the entire supply chain to a halt.

  • Today each business whosoever is in trading of goods and services needs a robuts billing and accounting system to compete the market. Apart from inventory management and other inventory related business activities, Easy Inventory is capable in fulfilling both the needs. It is an integrated solution which combines the billng and accountig features in it.

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